One Night In Al-Aqsa Film Premiere

Whether you’ve been to Jerusalem or not, every one of us is curious about the place. The type of curiosity that makes us yearn to learn about the reality of what the hype is all about. Those that have been there will only use positive words to describe their experience. Even if you have not been there, there’s a really high chance that you’ve heard many great things related to the sacredness of Jerusalem.

Abrar Hussain, a Oscar-nominated Executive Producer of The Look of Silence and director of the documentary ‘One Day In The Haram‘ has returned with an awe-inspiring and brilliantly filmed sequel called ‘One Day In Al-Aqsa‘. Whether you’ve travelled to al-Aqsa or not, this documentary is guaranteed to give you the travel bug and will force you to think about travelling there once you leave the cinema screen.

This documentary presents to viewers the sacred story of the entire Al-Aqsa compound in Jerusalem, during the holiest night in Islam, Laylatul Qadr. It will give viewers insight into one of the most debated religious sites in the world leaving you educated more than before on the topic. Not only is al-Aqsa the 3rd holiest site in Islam, it was the first ever Qiblah for Muslims to pray towards before the Qiblah was fixed towards the Ka’bah. But more importantly, it was the site where the Prophet Muhammad PBUH made a stop before he ascended to the heavens to meet Allah and receive the gift of the five daily prayers.

This is a great opportunity to educate ourselves and our youth about one of the most contested and scared sites in Islam, with the hope that we can one day travel there to visit this holy site and support the Palestinians.

Below are details on film timings, locations, prices and how to book. Just click on your preferred location and you will be taken to Penny Appeals site. The price you pay will be used to develop Makassed Islamic Charitable Hospital in East Jerusalem.

Some tickets are sold out for certain venues. Click here to see a full list of showing availabilities.

All showings are for 6PM.


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