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It’s been around 1400 years since the emergence of Islam and since then it has made its way into all parts of the world; the North, East, West and South.

Today, Muslims can be found in many parts of the globe which means that you’ll also find a blend of different cultural designs, including mosques built with a cultural influence, foods, environments and people.

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Djenne Mosque, Mali – amazing change of culture, albeit sharing a religion with over 2 billion people!

Because of this, there are Islamic landmarks almost all over the world, whether it may be on the top of a mountain in China, or deeply rooted in the deserts of Africa! Not only that, but there are many unknown, unvisited, forgotten about and deserted Islamic landmarks. Islam encourages one to travel, meet new people and wonder and marvel over the creation of God. This is what ‘Muslims Go Travel’ is all about. But we go beyond just that.

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Our mission is to unearth and discover new places, meet new people, try new foods, experience a different culture and most importantly share this with you all around the world. We also aim to share tips and information for Muslim Travellers such as the accessibility of Halal Food, location of prayer spaces and advice on Muslim-friendly airlines and accommodation. Not only that, but we will give you tips and provide you with the tools to ensure that you have autonomy on your trip as well as being able to enrich and craft your own experience.

With almost 2 billion Muslims in the world [projected to grow], they make up a significant portion of those who travel around the world. We stand to review hotels, airlines, foods we try, our experiences and the local community in each and every community we travel to so that we can assist you in your decision to travel. We are also working on a long-term project titled Muslims, Mosques, Monuments & Meals from around the world. Every country we visit, we will write about the Muslims there, the Mosques there, what monuments you can see and the foods you can try. With much negativity on media on Muslims and Islam, we hope to give the world a view of what Islam is and who Muslims are from around the world.

Whist at university, I travelled at every opportunity I could. After getting married, I travelled even more. My wife and I both share a great interest in travelling and decided that we don’t want to just travel, but also share with the world what travel means to us, where we go, what we see, foods we try and most importantly how it was for us as Muslims in each and every country. I hope that our site helps you and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us here.

Juber & Tahira

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