What Every Muslim Traveller Should Pack

Everyone packs before travelling, but for Muslims it’s a little different. As we end up having to pray on the road, do Wudhu, end up hungry [and can’t find any Halal food] and need to locate the Qiblah, there’s a few extra things that we need to pack before travelling. It can become difficult having to locate a washroom to do Wudhu and looking for a space for prayer that’s clean and quiet. Therefore, below I’ve made a list of things I believe every Muslim traveller should pack. Remember, these things will not take up a lot of space and some of them can be kept in your pockets.

Travel Prayer Mat

This is a big one. Many a times on your journey you’ll find it difficult to locate prayer facilities (Masjid or Musalla) even though there are plenty of open spaces to pray. For example, whilst you’re driving a long distance and its prayer time, it’s easy to get out and offer your prayers on the side of the road. That is if you have a prayer mat with you. I recommend a compact sized travel prayer mat as it takes up less space and they have been designed to fit right in your pocket. Click here to buy yours.

Foldable Water Bottle

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve caused myself a headache by searching for some water with which I can do Wudhu. Sometimes you have access to water but may feel uncomfortable to do Wudhu as it may seem awkward around others in airports or train stations etc. There is a solution. Take a foldable water bottle. Find a quite spot and perform Wudhu. Click here to buy yours.


Travelling can be tiring and exhausting leaving you smelling unpleasant sometimes. Take a small bottle of Ittar [or any other perfume] with you to rid yourself of any unwanted smells you encounter throughout your journey.

Leather Socks

This one is super useful. How many times have you tried washing your feet in public toilets, trains & in a plane and it was too difficult. Wearing leather socks allow you to simply wipe over instead of having to wash your feet. Of course, there are some simple rules to follow. Watch this video to find out how it works. To get yourself a pair, click here. If you prefer cotton, click here to buy yourself a pair of the Dexshell Wudhu Waterproof Socks.


This one is for when you’re about to make your prayers. Having a hat/scarf stored in your bag will be useful for when you’re about to offer your prayers wherever that may be.


As well as becoming tired, travelling can cause you to look dishevelled. Therefore, take a comb with you so you can give yourself a nice groom before meeting and greeting. The Prophet Muhammad PBUH was known to always travel with one.1


You won’t find a shop or food everywhere you go. Many planes charge extortionate prices for their food. You may well even be in a form of transport that does not even provide food. Therefore, by carrying some nutritious and protein rich food, you won’t have to worry about going hungry.

Compass [on your phone]

Wherever in the world you make your prayers, it’s absolutely necessary that you know the direction of the Qiblah. The Qiblah is the Kabah located in Makkah. Nowadays many phones come with a pre-installed compass app. Open it up and locate the Qiblah. You can even download a Qiblah app which provides you with the Qiblah taking into account your location. If you want to go retro and be like our historical travellers, grab yourself a proper compass.

Right now, the #1 app for locating the Qiblah is Muslim Pro.

Muslim Pro [Android]

Muslim Pro [iOS]

Qiblah Finder – Muslim Pro


This is another thing that the Prophet PBUH never travelled without.2 It was a must for him at home and when on a journey.

Oral hygiene is extremely important as it is. However, when you’re travelling it becomes even more important. You’ll have many moments when your mouth may develop an unpleasant odour. Therefore, giving them a quick brush followed by a quick mint will avoid any unwanted scenarios keeping you and those around you happy. Click here to get your Miswak.

1 Bayhaqi | Vol. 8 | 6072 | Page 446-447

2 Bayhaqi | Vol. 8 | 6072 | Page 446-447

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