The Ideal Travel Backpack

I was a little skeptical about travelling abroad with this back pack but it was the best decision I made. This back pack is ultra-light, waterproof, has multiple compartments, spacious and most importantly ultra-durable.

If you like travelling light, you’ll really like this backpack. It can be used alongside your other baggage, however, if you want to travel with this back pack alone, I can assure you, you will not have an issue.

The trick is to take the most important things with you when travelling. One of the biggest mistakes people make when going on holiday is to try and cram in as many outfits as they can. Once they get to their resort or wherever they are going, they end up staring blankly at their open suitcase thinking ‘why on earth did I bring this much!’.

This backpack in a way promotes packing less and only taking what you need. It looks good, feels good, carries a great weight (I think I maxed it to around 7kg but it’s capable of holding 20L) and comes in different colours. Whats great about it is that you can pack it up and put it away within the attached ultra-compact pouch which is the size of a sandwich. This way, it acts as a bag you can use once you get to your destination. Also, as Amazon mentions, this bag is an AIRPORT HERO as it allows you to use the bag as an excess bag just in case you go over weight with your luggage. All this for a whooping low price of only £11.99!

Whether you’re off on a day trip, shopping, a long trek or even a picnic, this bag will not disappoint.

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