The Idea

Muslim travellers were leading pioneers in broadening their horizons [through travel] not only because they desired to travel, but also because they had a religious incentive behind doing so. Religion and a passion for travel both corroborated each other which fuelled their interests in traversing different lands across different continents. It did not stop there. Muslim travellers contributed to knowledge of history, geography and discovery as J.H. Kramer states, ‘Europe ought to look upon them as its cultural ancestors in the domain of geographical knowledge, of discovery, and of world trade.’ (Arnold and Guillaume, 1931)

Many historical works have listed a great number of Muslim travellers since the emergence of Islam until present times. However, this book intends to provide readers with an exhaustive list of those Muslim travellers whose lives we may or may not know about. Brief details are given for each leaving the reader at liberty to study and research their travels in detail. Whilst other works focus on a specific person, this book goes through a list of Muslims who travelled for various reasons. The purpose of my research is to inform and educate. The key message being, that the concept of travel within Islam was an extremely important endeavour, and that there existed an influx of Muslim travellers since the very beginning of Islam.

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