Recommended Books

For every country, city or town I visit, I make sure I do some form of reading beforehand. The internet has some great resources and information, however, there are some things found in books captured by wonderful authors that have never made it to the internet. Not only that, but some classical authors and travellers never actually made it to getting their stuff up on the internet. I therefore, find at least one reliable and worthwhile book based on the place that I am visiting, to try and get an understanding of the place, people, language, customs and other important stuff needed to know.

Below are books that I recommend reading, based on countries I have travelled to around the world. The question is, why even read books before you travel? Well, if you’re really interested in a place and you want to get to know the place better, ask yourself this question. Would you rather read an article which may have taken a few hours, a day or a week to write or a book for which the author exerted weeks, months or maybe years to perfect? The author presents to you his unique findings, research and recommendations which he not only gives you a brief explanation on, but he goes out of his way to explain, elaborate, compare, and much more in one place. 

Click on the places below to find a list of books about that place:


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