Muslim-Friendly Airlines

When choosing to travel abroad, people end up spending much of their time choosing the right airline to travel with. As a Muslim, there are certain requirements that have to be met and so therefore below are some airlines that we recommend. These airlines are all Muslim-Friendly as well as having a Halal menu on board. These airlines all have screens at the back of the seats that tell you the direction of the Qiblah, and the pilot will start the journey by reading the prayer that is usually read prior to leaving (also displayed on the screen); a nice reminder to not forget your prayers. If the airplane does not have screens behind the seats, there are several drop-down screens situated around the plane which will have this information. Otherwise, simply ask the staff on board. In my experience, the staff on all these planes have been polite and accommodating.

Qatar Airways – based in Doha, Qatar, this airline is known to be one of the best airlines in the world (with Singapore Airlines beating it). Having flown with them on numerous occasions, I would say that the journey was very comfortable and they are accommodating when it comes to prayer times.

Emirates – based in Dubai, UAE, this airline flies to over 180 destinations and is also classed as one of the best airlines in the world. Service on board is great and staff are always readily available.

Etihad Airways – based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, this airline, although not ahead of Emirates and Qatar, to me, being onboard, was a really good experience. Staff were kind, food is great, cabin was spacious and the seating was comfortable.

Turkish Airlines – based in Istanbul, Turkey, this airline operates scheduled services to 304 destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. As soon as you get on board you are served turkish delight which was quite a nice touch. The experience on board was satisfactory and the staff went out their way to help.

Royal Jordanian – based in Amman, Jordan, this airline flies to a limited 43 destinations. We used this airline to go to Jeddah (for Umrah) going via Amman. It was a decent experience, food was average and the staff were polite.

Regarding prayer spaces on board, there are spaces on board some of these planes. It all depends on whether your flying on a long or short flight. If there is space on board, you can ask cabin crew who may or may not accommodate for this. It’s not 100% that you can pray on board; just depends on whether the staff can accommodate on that particular flight or not.

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