Monastery of Bahira The Monk

At the tender age of twelve, the Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] travelled with his uncle towards Busra [Syria] on a trade caravan. It was his uncle’s decision to take him along.

When they reached Busra, which is a small town close by to the Jordan border, they met a monk called Bahira who was well known amongst his people as a scholar of the Injeel [Bible]. It was here that Bahira first saw the Prophet ﷺ and conversed with him.

He further asked Abu Talib how they both were related. Abu Talib mentioned, ‘he is my son’ as an expression of excessive love for his nephew. The monk replied, ‘he can’t be your son as it can’t be that this boys father is alive’. So Abu Talib mentioned ‘he is my brothers son’. So Bahira asked, ‘what did his father do?’ to which Abu Talib said, ‘he died whilst his mother was pregnant’. Upon hearing this, Bahira affirmed this was true. He immediately informed Abu Talib to return to Makkah to safeguard him from the Jews as they may harm him. He did this as he immediately realised signs of Prophethood and advised it was best for him to be in Makkah.

Taking the monks advice, Abu Talib rushed back home.

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