Common Phrases In Spanish For Those Heading To Spain

Learning a new language can be difficult, but learning a new language for the purpose of travelling doesn’t have to be.

A principle which I’ve adopted recently, is to learn simple phrases of a language before I travel. It’s the right thing to do as it shows respect and willingness to integrate with the locals.

Before I went to Spain, I went about trying to learn Spanish. Interestingly, the language is one of the easiest languages in the world to learn.

Below are some of the common phrases and words to learn before heading off to Spain:


Hello: Ola

Good MorningBuenos días
Good AfternoonBuenas tardes
Good NightBuenas noches
See you later/ByeHasta luego
See you tomorrowHasta mañana (pronounced maniana)
What’s your name?Como te ilamas
My name is…Me ilamo
Do you speak Spanish?Hablas Español?
Do you speak English?Habla usted Inglés?
Yes, I speak SpanishSí, hablo Español
Yes I speak EnglishSi, hablo Inglés
No I do not speak EnglishYo no hablo Inglés
No I do not speak Spanishyo no hablo Español
How are you?Cómo estás?
Fine/I am fineBien/Estoy bien
PleasePor favor
You’re welcomeDe nada
Excuse Me (if you need someone to move out of your way)Perdón
Excuse Me (to get someone’s attention)Discúlpeme
It is a pleasureMucho gusto
SorryLo siento

Common Phrases

We are lost.Estamos perdidos
Where is…?Dónde está
Excuse me (seeking attention)Discúlpeme
How much is this?Cuanto cuesta este?
Do you live here?Vive usted aquí? (aquí pronounced aki)
We are looking for…Estamos buscando…
What time is it?Ke ora es?
Do you speak English?habla usted Inglés?
We are tourists.Somos turistas
It is expensiveEs caro
Is there a halal shop here?Hay una tienda halal aquí?

Travel Vocab

TaxiEl Taxi
PlaneEl avión
CounterEl Mostrador
TicketEl boleto
Seat No.Numero del asiento
Ticket No.Numero del ticket
Departure GateLa puerta de salida
ScaleLa bascula
LuggageEl-equipaje (j is pronounced as h)
CustomsLa aduana
Baggage ClaimEl-reclamo de equipajo
To boardAbordar

These are just some of the common phrases, words and vocabs that will come in use when in Spain. Ofcourse, to learn the language in detail, there are plenty of videos and courses online. However, if you’re wanting to make your way around as a tourist, the above will definitely help.

If you think something else can be added or you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment below.

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