Body Language: Dos and Don'ts When in Malaysia

As Malaysia has a multiethnic and multicultural society, it is worth equipping yourself with the knowledge of some dos and don’ts of body language when in the country. Read on to find out.


Show interest in local culture, language and cuisine
Show respect to others including seniors
Be polite and tactful
Remove your shoes when entering someone’s house or a mosque
Dress modestly and conservatively
Be patient and calm in queues and social encounters
Speak in a clear and gently manner


Do not speak loudly or aggresively
Do not kiss, touch or embrace the opposite sex in public
Do not point your feet towards anyone
Do not stand with your hands on your hips
Do not display feelings openly
Do not repirmand or embarras anyone publicly.
Do not point with your index finger – instead use your entire hand to gesture
Do not touch anyone’s head or hair

To learn more about customs and culture of Malaysia, be sure to grab yourself a copy of Malaysia – Culture Smart! The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture.

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