5 Unique Things to do in Granada

When you come to Granada, it’s usually to see and admire the Alhambra Palace. But, there is more to the city than I thought. After researching and walking around the city, I put together some unique things that I recommend you make space for in your itinerary. Below I present five of those things:

Drink The Fountain Water of Granada

Whilst walking around in Granada you may come across water fountains here and there. They are not just there for show; we thought that when we first saw them. All of a sudden a local man comes along and starts drinking water from one of these fountains and also washes his hands. We ask him about the fountains and he told us that ‘Granada has some of the cleanest water in the world’. This is probably due to it’s close by mountainous region, the Sierra Nevada. Below is the water fountain which we drank from. It is located in Plaza del Padre Suárez.

Try The Ice-Cream

We’ve tasted ice-cream in many different countries but there’s something quite unique about the taste here. With a wide range of flavours, they also cater for vegans with vegan ice-cream options. There are many ice-creams shops and stalls available in and around the city. The one we liked the best was Eco De-leite which was not far from the fountain above.

Walk The Back Streets of Plaza Nueva

If you’re up for some exploring and strolling around, don’t forget to head over to the back streets of Plaza Nueva. It’s really a great opportunity to see some locals and grab yourself some food or souvenirs at great prices.

Don’t Forget to Try The Churros

We headed over to Churreria Torres Bermejas which is located in the Plaza Nueva area. There are other places that sell Churros but we did really like this place. The churros are served with a portion of chocolate sauce. If it gets too much, you can have the churros alone. A nice touch to your experience in Granada and whilst walking around the streets of Plaza Nueva. If it benefits anyone, the owner also told us that it is vegan-friendly. The oil used for frying was olive oil.

Visit The Albaicin District

This is a must! This area is so spectacular and fascinating. This is the historic Arab quarter where Muslims, Jews & Christians lived side by side in harmony. A different world from the rest of Granada, the streets are narrow and small with clean houses, plus several wells, some of which are still in the area. It’s quite pleasant walking around here and takes you back to the times of the Muslims who lived here. This was the last place the Muslims lived before they were expelled from Spain.

You can get a view of Albaicin from Alhambra Palace as well as being able to walk through it. Intend to do both.

You can take the following buses to Albaicin from Plaza Nueva; bus number C31, C32 and C34.

A view of Albaicin from the Alhambra Palace

If you have any tips or other sites you feel should be mentioned, feel free to comment below.

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