This Turkish Village Is Filled With Tombs of Prophets

Egil – The Small Mysterious Turkish Village Filled With Tombs of Prophets

Disclaimer: the matter surrounding the locations of certain Prophets tombs and graves is a highly controversial one. This may explain discoveries of more than one location for any particular prophet. The point of the article is not to say for certain that these prophets are buried here, but to share our travel experiences at this beautiful village which, according to the Turkish and Kurdish, holds much significance. 

As travellers, we constantly seek a spiritual experience during our journeys, much more than we do at home. For long term travellers, grabbing the good ol’ selfie and going for a swim in the sea no longer satisfies the wanderlust. Now, it’s about moving away from the mundane and returning home with a more touching and other-worldly experience. 

There’s so many ways of achieving this. But most will say that spirituality is achieved from two things: travelling off the beaten path and keeping an open mind.

After exhausting the various cities in Southeast Turkey, I embarked on a journey with my wife to the small and cosy village of Egil (below). Here, we saw a village that remains unknown to the world, yet continues to leave a remarkable impression on those that visit.


As Muslims, the idea of visiting the tombs of Prophets and legendary Muslims is a noble endeavour, one which is usually attached to spiritual elevation, deep thought, reflection and quite possibly, self-reformation. Visiting graves and tombs is known to make one realise that the life of this world is temporary; one day, we too shall leave the world and it’s material matters.

The Tomb of Prophet Yunus A.S.

Egil is not hard to reach. In fact, it’s a simple matter of typing Egil into Google maps. Prior to reaching the village, we noticed the whitewashed houses just like what you’ll find in Ostuni and Casablanca. Having felt a very bright welcome to the village, we took this as a positive sign and continued to the car park located just outside a mosque which is home to the graves of several Prophets. (For more details on location, scroll right to the end of the article)

The View of Egil Village

When it comes to locating the graves, you’ll find three of them within the compound of the Mosque known as Elyasa Camii. The mosque here is known to be home to the resting places of three Prophets:

  • Prophet Harun A.S.
  • Prophet Zulkifl A.S.
  • Prophet Ilyas A.S.

A few minutes drive from here in the main village centre of Egil, we also found the grave of Prophet Yunus AS who is also known as Dhannoon. 

You can also find the grave of Prophet Danyal A.S. which is located just behind a police station. I have written the location details at the end of this article. 

Lastly, we came across the grave of a Prophet we have never heard of before; the Prophet Hallak A.S. His grave was located within a cemetery and was enclosed within metal gates. 

The Grave of Prophet Hallak A.S.

The whole experience was surreal and positively overwhelming. I honestly didn’t know what to think, feel or do. “Such a small village yet so much history and significant people buried here,” was all I could think as I made my way from one tomb to another. 

The people of the village are very calm and helpful. They went out of their way to help us locate some of the graves without making us feel like outsiders. It was a unique experience and one that I will cherish from my travel experiences. I highly urge people to visit this small yet beautiful village to see for themselves what it beholds. 

The Road Leading To The Egil Village

How To Get Here:

The village of Egil is located around 45 kilometres from the city of Diyarbakir and is reachable in 45 minutes. Below are links to each tomb/grave:

Google Location For Graves of Prophet Harun A.S.:

Google Location For Graves of Prophet Elyas A.S.:

Google Location For Graves of Prophet Zulkifl A.S.:

Google Location For Graves of Prophet Yunus A.S.:

Google Location For Graves of Prophet Danyal A.S.:

Google Location For Graves of Prophet Hallak A.S.:

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