Three Countries I’d Like to Visit Once Travel Restrictions Are Eased

With the current pandemic restricting our movements, one of the things that we can freely do is plan and figure out where we’d like to go next. Sometimes I see myself glued to my screen trying to figure out where I’m going next. Call it a type of procrastination if you like. For me, I’ll justify it and call it planning. 

I’ve got several countries on my go-to list. These countries are on a high priority list as I’ve been wanting to either visit or revisit for multiple reasons. I’ve now got my own Youtube channel so I’m also interested in recording footage in certain places that will complement my articles on this site. But I’m also interested in visiting these countries because they are perfect places to visit throughout the summer period. Of course, some of these places will be very warm, but I guess that’s what livens these places up.

So, what’s on the top of my go-to list once this pandemic is over? Here’s 3 places I’m absolutely dying to visit once restrictions are eased:


I’ve been to Cyprus once before and had an amazing experience. The Island is so vast and there’s a range of terrains which makes it more interesting to explore. It does get pretty dry and very hot throughout the summer months, but if you’re smart with when you go out, you’ll have a great time. There’s a number of reasons why I really like Cyprus and why I want to return. 

Hala Sultan Tekke – Larnaca | Cyprus

Firstly, it’s so easy to get around when you have a car. The roads here are so easy to drive on and directions and signs are very easy to follow. Even when you’re driving within small villages, it’s quite difficult to get lost. If you do, you’ll find someone/a local to guide you even if the person knows no English. 

The second reason why I’d like to visit is because I’m yearning to explore more of the Island. The Island is split into two with the bottom part belonging to Cyprus and the top belonging to Turkey. Whilst the bottom part is easy to get around and explore, I’m eager and curious to see more of what it’s like up north. I’ve only been to the city of Nicosia and even that was a very brief visit. So, next time I’m there, I’ll see if I can make it to the top. 

The third and last reason why I’m excited to return to Cyprus is because I want to continue my exploration and research on the abandoned mosques of Cyprus. I have another article on this site which outlines my first experience in locating many abandoned mosques in southern Cyprus. It was interesting to see how well they were preserved with some of them naturally experienced some wear and tear. These Mosques date back 300-400 years and their minarets still stand till this day, making it easy to locate where they are. I want to go back and make several videos on the mosques and possibly write even more articles. This time, I’m probably going to hire a guide so I have someone who knows their stuff and can help translate for me when I speak to the locals. 

Southeast Turkey

In December 2020, I boarded a spontaneous flight to the touristic Turkish city of Antalya. But it wasn’t Antalya or the touristy cities along the Southwestern Coast of Turkey that I wanted to visit. I wanted to drive cross country and explore the cities east of Antalya. So, I rented a car and drove over 1000 miles city hopping from one place to another and eventually ending up in the ancient city of Mardin. I did and saw so much, but it was when I returned home that I realised how less of the region I’d seen.

Gobeklitepe – Oldest Temple In The World

That’s why I’ve made it my intention to return to this region of Turkey so that I can dedicate more time exploring other ancient cities such as Diyarbakir, Batman, Gobeklitepe, Kilis, Sirnak, Adiyaman and Slirt. It is believed that graves/tombs of Prophets lie this region. It’s also believed that this region is home to the oldest temple in the world, dating back 10,000 years. There’s also the Mount Nemrut which is notable for the summit where a number of large statues are erected. It is believed that there is a royal tomb within the centre of these statues dating back to the 1st century BC.

I also want to return to the city of Gaziantep to eat my way through the many restaurants and street food stalls. I want to try the large sized pistachios and end the day with Baklava alongside a dollop of ice cream. There’s just so much to see, eat and experience in this part of Turkey! 


I’ve been to Greece twice now and have spent quite a bit of time driving around the country, visiting various cities and also visiting one of their beautiful Islands, Lefkada. But I still feel like there’s so much to see. What I really want to do is go Island-hopping.

Lefkada Island | Greece

There are just so many Islands that are waiting eagerly to be visited and some even are almost deserted. But I still want to visit Athens again. Despite the city transforming into something quite scary once you leave the Plaka area where the Acropolis is located, the place never ceases to amaze me. Its so energetic and the weather is great throughout the year, except for Summer months when it can get HOT!

Greece as a country has always been more free and relaxed than other countries in allowing foreign tourists into their beautiful country, which makes me want to visit even more. They’ve been doing well with the numbers when it comes to getting vaccinated and have also opened up in many places. The cost of travelling there is very reasonable and I love that there are plenty of Halal places and mosques scattered throughout the country. 

What countries would you like to visit soon?


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