The Ancient City of Harran

Dating back to 3rd millennium BCE, its a wonder that this place still exists. Whats more astonishing is how it just does not have as many tourists as other sites in the world, which is surprising considering how ancient the place is. 

Back in the days, Harran was a thriving commercial, cultural and religious centre. 

Located around 50km south from the city of Urfa, visitors will find a city which was once ruled and occupied by multiple dynasties such as the Romans, Byzantines, Babylonians, Assyrians and Hittites. 

It was from the 8th – 9th century when it also thrived as being a center of Islamic Knowledge. Renowned scholars such as Ibn Taymiyyah, Thabit Ibn Qurra and Al-Battani all studied here once. In fact, Ibn Taymiyyah was born and raised here and there is a Mosque not too far from the centre named after him. 

Harran Castle

When the city was invaded by the grandson of Gengis Khan, Hulagu Khan, many of the residents from within Harran had no choice but to flee to nearby Mardin and the two Syrian cities, Aleppo and Damascus. It was after this invasion and unfortunate patch in history that the city stood only to survive as a small village. 

Though it may be a small village today with families living their lives the ancient way, it will always be referred to as the Ancient City of Harran due its significance and importance in history. 


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