Side – An Idyllic Turkish City on The Mediterranean Coast

Pronounced SEE-deh

We visited this restful city on our long road-trip from the Mediterranean coast to the Southeast region of Turkey. It was a necessary stop as we were told that this traditional mediterranean village was home to some Roman ruins which spanned across 2km of the beach of the village. Once a main city and port of the ancient Pamphylia, this idyllic village is located west of the mouth of the Manavgat River.

Though the Roman ruins were mesmerising to see, the village can get very busy with tourists, making it best to avoid in peak seasons.

If you must stop here, I’d recommend heading into the old part of the village which is where the Roman ruins are located. The entire area takes around 2 hours to walk around.

It is believed that the people here used to speak a non-Greek language, even though it was founded by the Aeolian Greeks.

After an interesting walk through the ruins, we were taken aback by the ruins of the Apollon Temple. Similar to a structure from the Acropolis in Athens, Apollo temples can be found in other places such as Malta, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic and Cyprus, signifying the a god in Greek mythology.


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