Avoid This Hotel in Scarborough

Here goes my first bad review. I’m not usually posting stuff like this on my site, but I had to for this. It’s normal to have some bad experiences with hotels, but this one night which I spent in a hotel in Scarborough (with my husband and younger siblings), was quite horrendous. I’m writing this to inform others before they choose to stay at this particular hotel. The way I look at it is this. The more attention that is raised about this sort of stuff, the more serious a hotel will take it. So here goes.

Our Disastrous Stay in Royal Hotel Scarborough

The only good things about this hotel are the location – as its close to most of the attractions – and the breakfast.

The hotel itself was appalling.

We had booked 3 rooms for 1 night; one single, one double and one twin, but we were given two doubles and a single.

The single room was mostly ok.

However one of the double rooms had an atrocious smell coming from the bathroom. We mentioned this to the reception and they sent the bartender to come up to check the room but he couldn’t really do anything.

We told the reception again and they said speak to the cleaners who we never came across.

We ended up having to buy an air freshener can and emptied it that same night as the smell was just revolting. The other double room was filled with spiders and moths in every corner. The windows weren’t even open, and it seemed more like an infestation.

The reception staff were not helpful whatsoever and spoke rudely. I’m usually not too fussy with people and their behaviour towards me, but I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such oblivious, unsympathetic and uninterested attitude previously.

On the plus side, I do have to make a point to mention that the bartender and kitchen staff were friendly.

If you stay at this hotel just know that you wont be sleeping very well at night as the constant sounds of the seagulls is bombarding and it seems like the windows are paper thin.

The reception and main lobby area looks nice with its classic style, however the rest of the hotel is like something out of a horror movie with its long, narrow and eerie corridors. Trust me. I’m not exaggerating.

You could honestly get lost in that place as its like a maze and you feel trapped and it feels like forever before you reach the main lobby to exit the building.

Don’t let the pictures you see online deceive you; the rooms are small and stuffy and not comfortable at all.

I highly recommend not staying at this hotel and looking elsewhere. And, oh yes, one more thing; this hotel surely cannot be a three star hotel as advertised.


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