Sun and Sea In The Rustic Town of Scarborough

The downside of having trips planned abroad is that it rarely gives you the chance to explore what’s around you. If you do a simple search, your bound to find an alternative. Scarborough, a rustic old resort town visited by many UK tourists on their breaks, does a decent job in recharging your batteries when you need it the most.

This year has had us limited to the native flora of West and North Yorkshire. Day trips included places such as the Peak District, Yorkshire Dales and Nidderdale. I’m not complaining. I mean, the sight of a vast area of greenery filled with trees, grass, plants and waterfalls always recharges and refreshes. But I had to get away to somewhere alongside the coast, and it had to be close.

Ah! Got it! My wife, on one evening suggested we have a look at some hotels in Scarborough. Okay, why not?

After searching through hotels, the first thing that came to my mind was swimming! And as that entered my mind, I was concerned about the weather there. In my mind I was like, ‘If I’m going Scarborough, a swim in the sea is a necessity!’

I’m not being picky. I just love swimming and find it to be one of the best forms of exercise for my body! Plus, the last time I was supposed to go on several swims in Malaysia (May 2020), it was canceled due to…well, you know! So you can imagine my deep desire to just get into the water and swim away!

So, after checking the forecast, we went ahead and booked a hotel in Scarborough anyway.

Fast forward to the day we make our way there. We drove across from Bradford through York onwards to Scarborough, via the A64, and immediately noticed the atmosphere change from our everyday view of a busy city bustling with workers, to a laid back rustic town, filled with strollers looking around and seagulls screeching away and toddling towards anyone who has anything edible on them. It was a change and a great one indeed! That’s exactly what we needed!

With our hotel being located on the top of a hill, we made our way to the Cliff Railway Tram, which would take us from the top of the hill, down towards the beach. Costing £1.20 per person for the short 30-40 second ride, it was a great way to decline towards sea level and get a breathtaking view of the North Sea. If only it lasted longer.

We then walked towards the South Bay Promenade and noticed how densely crammed it was with visitors. Whilst it was slightly entertaining and rather refreshing to see a tourist crowd, it was quite concerning, considering the situation we are currently experiencing.

We headed towards one of our most anticipated activities; the speedboat! After some quick hand sanitisation, and a payment of £5 per person, we masked ourselves and made our way into the notorious speed boat! Music was blasting from the speaker within the boat and a stream of tourists were walking along. Looking at this just took me back to a holiday I took to Mallorca back in 2010. The weather was warm, sun was shining, and the blue sea looked charming.

After ten minutes of twists, turns and much speed, it was over! “Okay, so that was quick”, I thought. But, it was very much worth it as the experience helped me to scream and shout out of joy; a scream and shout that has been buried within me without an outlet for several months.

The next day, we awoke early and after a scrumptious continental breakfast, and a rather disastrous cup of coffee, we headed towards the North Bay Promenade for the long awaited swim! This was it! The sun is shining, the sea looks inviting and I’ve found a parking spot! Things were going well indeed! The sea temperature was around 13-14 degrees Celsius. Whilst this may not be exactly warm, I was not missing this chance for a swim. I stepped into the sea and slowly advanced and made my way till I was into the sea at waist level. It wasn’t easy at all. I kept breathing and swinging my arms about to get blood flowing. I then finally made my way into the water until it reached my neck. This is it! What’s left to do except swim! Finally! I’ve waited a long time for this! So I began counting and let the sun, sea and my body do their job!

I’m back, and I feel refreshed, recharged and ready for challenges and any work that comes my way! Give your body the break it needs when it needs it! Invest in doing the things you love so that you can be the best version of yourself! And most importantly, get that Vitamin D before the fall arrives and your back to your routine and the rainy weather says hello again!

Image Credit: The Culture Trip


2 thoughts on “Sun and Sea In The Rustic Town of Scarborough

  1. What a lovely article! Glad you had that much needed break.

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    1. Thanks for that 🙂 It really was

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