Fewston Reservoir – An Ideal Walking Route

Located within Nidderdale – an area of outstanding natural beauty – lies the picturesque Fewston Reservoir. Visitors can take a gentle walk by encircling the Reservoir.

Located 10 miles west of Harrogate and north of Otley, it lies just off the A59. There is plenty of green space for picnics and lounging. Do note that as the land is owned and managed by Yorkshire Water, it is essential to follow the rules and not have a BBQ.

You’ll be happy to hear that parking is free! The entire walking length is a maximum of 4 miles which takes around 2 hours if walking gently. .

Walking is generally on flat surfaces, however there are some fairly steep gradients.


2 thoughts on “Fewston Reservoir – An Ideal Walking Route

  1. But you need to follow the rules!!! BBQ are NOT allowed as per the land owners Yorkshire Water, please correct you review


    1. Hi Mike

      Thanks for correcting my post about not being allowed to have BBQs in Fewston Reservoir. I have now updated the article.


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