Don’t Lose Hope To Travel

I know it’s been a while since this lockdown thing started. Most of us are having to cancel our travel plans and a large majority of us are having that done for us by the airlines! It’s a weird and absurd time as I’m hearing that that people are out of money, airlines are going bust and people are losing the will to travel again.

Don’t! Pandemics have come and gone and people have constantly travelled from one place to another. Though we may be finding it difficult to see the road ahead of us with so much uncertainty, I would highly advise that you keep maintaining and nourishing your travel goals and wanderlust. It’s only a matter of time now. The world is patiently awaiting our presence and all we need to do is ensure we don’t lose that hope.

The travel community is buzzing with wonderful, excited and passionate people. Travellers have never been the sort of people to lose hope despite what may confront them. Use this time wisely to maybe plan your next journey, go through your old photos, start a blog or may be even go travelling somewhere local (if allowed!). Whatever you do, maintain that travel passion.

Though this time may be painful for many of us travellers, we all know that when there’s pain, there’s room for change. Take this time as a hint to maybe focus on something else which can broaden your understanding of travel. Reading, writing, watching documentaries, speaking to other travellers or even playing world/travel/geography games at home with the family. Make a quiz for the family and test everyone’s knowledge (physically or virtually).

The reason why I’m mentioning this is because I’m kind of getting fed up with the constant feed of news, social media posts and messages about this outbreak. It’s taking up so much valuable time trying to keep up to date. I want to try and focus on something more productive and wanted to share my thoughts and musings on this. So here you go 🙂


3 thoughts on “Don’t Lose Hope To Travel

  1. Wow, it’s so convenient that you posted this right now. I literally just wrote a long essay about how this whole pandemic situation that would possibly leave a lasting effect to the way we can travel affects my personal goal of seeing the world more often (and thus to some extent, my motivation to go about with life in general) – just when I thought I finally have the independency to manage my own financial resources and time since I just left school and started working. Thanks for posting this. Hi from a new follower!

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    1. JazakAllah Khair for your beautiful comment Dhania Albani. 🙂
      Wow would love to have a read of this essay.
      I’m really happy to hear that it had a positive effect on you 🙂


      1. It’s the latest post on my blog if you feel like checking it out!


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