How To Be More Resilient When Travelling

Travelling can be hard. Although a privilege for many, travelling can entail many aspects which may cause you to lose control and turn into a freak at times. It’s absolutely normal as you’ll undergo many courses of events which are beyond what you expected and not in line with your daily routine. The joys of travelling sure does seem to incur a price in the form of stressful moments.

The key thing to understand here though, is that there are ways to deal with this and as long as you know about these techniques, you’ll reduce yourself from stressing out, allow yourself to be more tolerant and slowly eliminate causes of stress. These techniques are not limited for building resilience when travelling and can be used across many aspects of our lives. Read on to find out more.

Attitude Changes Everything

As humans, we all have wants and desires. That’s natural and allows us to achieve what we want in life. However, there is always a price to pay, a road to trek or time to wait in order for us to get those things. When you go travelling, ask yourself what you want and most importantly, ask yourself, how will I achieve this and what will I have to go through.

When most of embark to complete an endeavour such as having a baby, starting a new jobs, studying a new course or travelling to somewhere like India (chose this country as it can be a difficult country to travel through on many levels), we fail to think over the obstacles, hurdles and tough moments we may face. This is by far the most important thing to consider. If you fail to do this, and you are then faced with a difficult situation, you could cause yourself to react in an absurd or inappropriate way which may cause further problems. However, now I want you to flip that mindset. Before having a baby, tell yourself that you may need to awake at 4AM to a crying baby. Before travelling, tell yourself that you may have to stay awake several nights whilst waiting in queues in airports or bus stations. Knowing about stressful situations before they happen and anticipating them will allow you to go through them without complaining. If you have the right attitude, these things will not stress you out. That is when you know that you have built up resilience.

Therefore, change your mindset and attitude before you travel and this will take you a long way!

Take Responsibility

To get through life, you have to learn to take responsibility. Stop blaming others and you’ll be able to fly through stressful situations. See, the problem with blaming others is that many of the times, there is no one to blame except yourself. If you constantly are in a habit of blaming others, it causes you to go round in circles in figuring out a problem as you’re looking for someone or something to blame. Ask yourself, could I have had done something differently?

Felix Economakis (author of Harden Up) mentions profoundly that ‘personal responsibility is literally our response-ability to things happening around us’. When we are faced with a problem on our travels, it is vital to know how to be able to respond to the demands quickly and efficiently to bring a halt to the issue and find the solution. You can only do this if you yourself take responsibility. When in a situation like this, you will have a range of options and choices in front of you for you to choose from. The key here is to find the balance and take the amount of responsibility that is required. If you take too much responsibility, you’ll tire yourself out and if you take too less, you may never find a reasonable solution.

When you’re travelling and you’ve missed a coach, or lost your money or even had an ugly quarrel with someone, take response-ability and find a way out. Take a few deep breaths, amend your attitude and think about the next course of action, instead of shallow breathing, complaining and blaming everyone other than yourself. It’s super useful and contributes towards a happier mental state. If you know you’ve done something wrong that has caused something negative to happen, take ownership. Own your self and others around you will be pleasantly surprised by your honesty and willingness to take responsibility. You’ll even surprise yourself which in turn will leave you in a better physical and mental state and that itself will allow you to be more resilient in your travels.

Learn To Meditate

This does not mean that you have to sit by the beach with one leg over the other and the back of your hands resting on your knees. Although that is one way. What I mean is, learn to retreat whilst travelling. Find a way to be by yourself, catch up with yourself and reflect over a situation. This is best with situations that do not require immediate responses. Imagine you’ve had a stressful encounter with a friend or you’ve just realised that you’re flight has been delayed and you have to spend extra money on a hotel; step back from these testing moments, relax, take a deep breath, close your eyes and take it easy. Your body deserves that much in stressful moments and it will most definitely make you a lot more resilient to stressful situations. I mean, the stressful situation will be there regardless, but you can make a difference in how you handle these situations.

A moment of reviewing your actions and meditating over a particular incident, object or thought can have profound effects on your behaviour post-meditation. A moment of meditation and solitude can rid you from many vices which in turn will help you to disseminate positive energy. Just like eating and exercise is used to keep the physical body in good order, meditation can be used to keep the mental and spiritual health in good order and make you more resilient.

There you have it, 3 techniques to make you tougher and more resilient when on the road!

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