Old Footage of India: 1937 – 1990

For those of us sitting at home, wondering what life was like years and years ago in India, you’re in luck. Michael Rogge has fantastically compiled a long list of footage of various places around India, with some of it going back all the way until 1937. On his Youtube channel, you’ll also find footage of other countries which date back many years and is a treat to watch, as it’s a opportunity to see what life was like back then. Below are ten of the videos I enjoyed watching when going through his India compilation.

Old Madurai – 1945

India Pakistan Peasant Life – 1959

New Delhi 1963

Elephanta Caves – 1973

Benares, Varanasi & Ganges – 1937

Old Village: Burma – 100 Years Ago

Jaipur & Agra Monuments – 1963

Crossing The Indian Ocean – 1961

Harsh Life in Pakistan – 1964

Mumbai – 1962

To see more of Michael Rogge’s old-footage videos from around the world, including more from India, visit his channel.


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