Recommended Travel Podcast That Will Inspire You To Travel

If you’re stuck at home and wondering how to make good use of time, be sure to add podcasts to your to-do list. I love podcasts as they are uninterrupted with commercials, have educated and experienced speakers and are filled with so much useful information that you can use for travel inspiration.

My favourite travel podcast series has to be the Zero To Travel Podcast series.

Host Jason Moore of Zero To Travel has a lot of travel experience under his belt and always touches on unique and interesting topics. A couple of nights ago I was listening to a podcast by him on whether travel makes you more creative and it actually inspired me to research more into this topic and write an article about it. With over 15 years of experience travelling the world, Jason goes beyond the notion of ‘just go ahead and travel’ and focuses on how you can make a way to travel indefinitely.

My favourite part about his podcast series is inviting guest speakers. Even though Jason has a tonne of information and travel stories, he does not shy away from learning from others. It’s what makes his show different and humble.

Another aspect of his series that I love, is how Jason pierces his way into the philosophical aspect of travelling. Authors such as Alain de Botton who wrote The Art of Travel have done an awesome job opening the philosophical door when it comes to travel. However, Jason somehow finds a way to make it relevant to our modern times. He uses his experiences, guest speakers and philosophical advice to help personalise your own experiences of travel to be able to spend less and travel more. Whilst this sounds paradoxical, Jason really makes you believe that this is something possible. He also focuses heavily on Simon Sinek’s question of ‘Why’ and talks a lot about ‘why one should travel’.

I’ve been listening to his podcast series for a year now and can honestly say that it is free from nonsense and fluff. Jason gets right into it, ensures that his shows are engaging and interesting and really speaks to you throughout the entire thing.

If you’re looking for travel inspiration, travel tips, the WHY of travel and some unique discussions on travel related matters, I would highly recommend plugging those earphones in to listen to his show. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Some Topics Jason Discusses on His Podcast Series:

Top 10 Reasons to Love Living Abroad
An African In India
How to Overcome Travel Anxiety and Fear of Flying
How to Go Sailing Around the World
Best Gifts for Travellers
World’s Cheapest Destinations
Avoiding the Instagram Trap
Medical Tourism: Is It Worth it?
Is Technology Ruining Your Travel Experience?

I’m going to end with some honest feedback. Although the podcast can generally be very entertaining and interesting, there are a very few times I’ve noticed that others have observed the rhythm of the podcast to be slightly boring. This is understandably the case as not every podcast will be as interesting as the other. Don’t let that put you off though. Virtually all the podcasts I have listened to have been thoroughly informative, educational and inspiring!  


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