Keep Travelling Even When You’re Not Travelling

Whatever the situation may be right now, one thing’s for certain; many are choosing to cut back on travelling for the next few weeks or months. I would say that the time at home or wherever you may be, can be used productively to do things travel-related which you may not have had the time for before. So, with that being said, below I tell you a three ways to keep learning and progressing on your travel ventures even when you’re cooped up at home.

Start a Blog or Work on Your Existing Blog

This is the best time to either start a new blog or start maintaining your current blog. I’m taking this time to go through my blog, add content, correct mistakes, put things in the right place and learn SEO tricks and tips. If you’re just starting out and thinking about getting your foot through the door, do it now! This is one of the best times to sit back, recollect pictures, make notes and putting something together. It’s really easy to start a blog.

Nomadic Matt has a super useful guide on starting a new blog. Packed with information about picking a name, dealing with wordpress and installing themes, this guide will get you up and started within 30 minutes. Click here to access Nomadic Matt’s guide on How to Start a Travel Blog in 2020

Starting a blog is a great way to start doing something you love. It will open up opportunities and will give you a chance to find your niche and present that to the world. It is also an awesome way to present to friends, family and the world your experiences from around the world. Just remember, it does take hard work at the beginning and if you’re willing to follow through and work on it, many doors of opportunities will open up for you.

Read, Read & Read

I put this on this list for a couple of reasons.

  1. Firstly, to travel is to read and to read is to travel. Books of all kinds not only assist you on a journey physically, but can be a great way to spend time at home learning about a foreign country. Reading can help you understand a certain place better and many travel narratives can also help you to see a country through the eyes of other people. If you can’t travel right now, why not search for a travel narrative that may interest you and spend some time reading about a place in preparation for your next adventure. One of my favourites is Strolling Through Istanbul! Why not pick up a book from the ‘Culture Smart‘ collection and learn more about a certain country’s cultural practises; something which we tend to forget about when travelling to a foreign country. If you’re a history buff, there are plenty of books out there on the history of a country you intend to visit. Whatever the case, try to accomplish reading at least one book.
  2. If you’re thinking about starting a blog, believe me when I say that reading is the first step. The more you read, the better you become at writing. Along the way you pick up different writing styles and learn new vocabulary which can later be used in your own blog. You also get to figure out what writing style you prefer. Do you want to be more informational in your blog or take people through a narrative? Whatever the case, reading is the first step to writing.

Plan Your Next Trip!

I know many people are like, ‘as soon as COVID-19 is over, I’m getting away!’

So, for that reason, I think this is the best time to sit down, brainstorm and plan your next trip. With so many people in self-isolation and others taking time of work to work remotely, now is the time to plan your next trip. If you have kids, get them involved! It could be an educational experience for them if you’re talking about countries, places to visit, historical landmarks and different cuisines.

You know the saying, ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail’. Take out those guidebooks, get on the internet, talk to family and friends, watch vlogs, read blogs, and start making notes of places that interest you. COVID-19 will hopefully be over one day, and with all that planning, you can make sure that your next trip goes as smooth as possible.

I’ve heard many people say before, ‘The closest thing to travelling is planning my next trip’. So get stuck right in!

There you have it, three ways to keep on travelling from the comfort of your own home. We hope and pray that this period will pass soon and that all the people affected are cured as soon as possible. Thanks for visiting and until next time, good luck with everything!


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