Faro – 5 Things We Loved About The Capital of The Algarve Region

Portugal packs a serious punch when it comes to pleasant weather year-round. We visited in the month of November, and whilst we had to keep our jackets on at times, enjoyed hours of sunshine and warmth.

Often overlooked by many tourists coming to Portugal’s Algarve region, Faro in my opinion is the quintessential city of Portugal, where visitors can sense a real vibe of authentic Portuguese culture.

Plus, there’s a range of places that you can visit whilst in the scenic city. Here are five sites we think are worth the attention:

Faro Cathedral

Established in the 13th century, this Cathedral is one of the main cathedrals of Portugal. Built over remnants of a Visigoth church, Moorish mosque and then a Roman temple, it was completed in 1251. Step inside to see some beautiful azulejos tilework, gilded wood carvings and marble inlay. Make sure to climb up the narrow winding staircase to get awesome views of Faro.

Faro Cathedral

Faro Municipal Museum

Established in the late 19th century, this was the first archeological museum of Faro. Whilst there are exhibitions of Roman artefacts, visitors will also find collections from the Islamic Moorish period and other religious artworks.

Faro Museum

Praia de Faro

If you’re looking for some peacefulness and an amazing beach and sea view, look no further. This is one of the best beaches in Faro and should not be missed. Do be aware, if you go in the holiday seasons, the place can get jampacked. Opt for visiting in the low season to ensure you get the well deserved space on the beach.

Faro Beach

Milreu Roman Remains

The Roman Ruins of Milreu are the remains of a well known Roman villa which is located in Estói. Unearthed in 1877 by Estacio da Veiga, evidence tells us that the site was originally a farm house built in the first century. Turned into luxurious villa in the 3rd century, legend tells us that it also was a site used for Muslim burials. Visitors will find two mausoleums and a peristyle with 22 columns, with an open courtyard, a garden and the respective water tank close by.

Milreu Ruins

The Old Town

Visitors to Faro should not miss walking through the cobbled streets of Old Town Faro. Here they can see centuries-old architectural sights, amazing cafes, and a museum. Walk through the oldest horseshoe arch in Portugal and meander through the paths and alleys whilst admiring the houses decorated by flowers.

Horseshoe Arch – Old Town Faro


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