Our Favourite Sites To Visit in Toronto

Toronto is unlike other cities. It’s not only exciting, but also very vibrant and spacious unlike places like London and New York. People are generally a lot more friendlier and less obsessed with themselves which helps in having a great day when in the city.

We pretty much mainly walked and took public transport around the parts of the city where the main attractions are. I would avoid driving, as traffic can be crazy in downtown which causes delay. You’re better off checking the sites out on foot and public transport.

Anyways, read on below to see what sites we recommend seeing when in the city.

CN Tower

Be sure to visit the CN Tower, the tallest in the western hemisphere. It is visited by 1.5 million people annually and features simulated motion rides and an outdoor observation deck. If you dont want to spend any money getting to the top, don’t worry. It’s equally breathtaking from the ground.

Photo by Jared VanderMeer on Pexels.com

Royal Ontario Museum

This is Canada’s largest Museum of art, culture and nature from around the world. If you’re into artefacts, be sure to head over to Royal Ontario Museum where you’ll find a collection of 13 million artworks, cultural objects and natural history specimens featured in 40 gallery and exhibition spaces.

The Royal Ontario Museum featuring the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal, designed by Daniel Libeskind and located in Toronto.

St Lawrence Market

This market features 50 speciality vendors offering organic produce and exotic seafood. The market is located in Old Town Toronto and features more than 120 speciality vendors in the South Market, a Saturday farmers’ market, Sunday antiques market and historic St. Lawrence Hall.


Chinatown on the other hand, is a vibrant neighbourhood offering visitors the option to dine in and sample famous Vietnamese and Thai foods at affordable prices. You’ll also find a diverse range of restaurants and shops selling herbal medicines, household items, baked goods, watch wholesalers, children’s wear and perfume stores.

Kensington Market

Another vibrant and funky neighbourhood with a multitude of sights, sounds and smells. Walk through the narrow alleys, sample some street food and bargain your way through in getting a souvenir.

The Parks (Our Pick, Humber Bay Park)

When in Toronto, be sure to head over to one of the parks. There are quite a few in and around downtown Toronto such as Ramsden Park, Queen’s Park and Riverdale Park. However, I favourite was Humber Bay Park. It’s located in Etobicoke, so just on the outskirts of downtown Toronto. From some of the park you can get some really nice views of the skyline of Toronto.

Graffiti Alley

Lastly, we have one of those must see sites in Toronto which usually goes missed. This place will show you just how artistic and talented the people of Canada are. Graffiti Alley is a dedicated street name given to an alleyway which is literally full of graffiti. But not just any kind of graffiti. We’re talking graffiti on a large and major scale and graffiti that speaks for itself. Make sure you DO NOT get a tour guide to show you around. Why? Because, it seems unfair that the artists have done a hard job, left an awesome impression and the tour guides are profiting off of their talent.


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