A Muslim Traveller’s Guidebook – Free Ebook With Download Link

Years ago, before I travelled, I started becoming more and more conscious about aspects of travelling that one would not usually think about amidst all the excitement.

Islam to me is a lifestyle; a way of life that adds extra meaning and purpose and so therefore everyday acts such as travelling is given an elevated status. Just like travelling, any other endeavour is also given a high regard because of the way it is perceived in Islam. However, this high regard and elevated status does not come for free. Islam stands to set out and define certain etiquettes for the traveller which aims to make a journey fulfilling and purposeful whilst also helping to keep the journey well maintained. If you’re looking for the best tips for travel, this eBook will serve you well.

The act of travelling itself – I’m sure everyone agrees – is satisfying, full of meaning and awesome! But it was when I started collecting certain etiquettes which I could apply to my travelling, that I started to see travel in a different way. In fact, through the years of research, I realised that travelling in Islam has so many etiquettes which if applied, not only makes travelling meaningful, but also makes life easy in so many ways. Some of the stuff you’ll find in the book will be new and some things you may already know about. Bring them altogether for your next trip and you will see travel in a completely different way.

This book which I have put together for all travellers, tells you in a simple and concise manner, tips and etiquettes of travel you can start applying right away. These etiquettes will help you in so many ways, that you’ll be wondering why you didn’t find out earlier.


Below is what you will get:

  • Etiquettes of travelling
  • Essential prayers for travelling
  • Legal matters such as prayers on a journey and prayers in different forms of transport
  • Tips on what to do before your trip
  • Tips and advice on what to do throughout the journey
  • Solo & group travel
  • What should be done upon returning from a trip
  • Tips on how to deal with others whilst travelling
  • and more…
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