Travel Writing Courses; Should I?

This year has almost come to an end, and to that conclusion, I’ve decided to make some vital decisions. I started writing officially for my blog last November (2018) and since then have made mistakes and learnt a lot. Writing is all about practice and whilst it may come naturally for some, others have to exert just about the same effort as a novice. Writing in and of itself may be an easy task, but writing seriously for a purpose means having to brush up certain skills.

I am seriously considering taking a course on travel writing, not only to learn the art and craft behind the concept, but also to improve grammar and avoid punctuational mishaps. I often have a certain piece written up, but after getting my wife and sister to go through and edit it, I realise that the major mishaps are predominantly related to grammar and punctuation.

Of course, if I want to study, it means that I will have to invest some money if I want some serious quality content. I want to be able to learn the art from someone experienced and reputable, whilst also making sure that it does challenge me. After doing research on the net for several hours, I’ve come across a couple of courses which I can study online through distance learning. This is definitely something that interests me as I will not be able to dedicate hours travelling to a physical location and studying. It’ll have to be at my own pace and I want to be able to study as and when/where I can.

The first course I found is with the British College of Journalism; they offer a course called The Ultimate Travel Journalism Course. Yes, I know, it may sound a little too strong in its persuasive efforts, but the breakdown of the course seems quite interesting. There is a very strong focus on the travel aspect of writing and therefore, apart from a few units which cover things like marketing and working with PR, it’s not a bad course. The course can last between 12-24 weeks, depending on your pace.

The second course is run by the reputable London School of Journalism which has been teaching travel writers and journalists since 1920! Wow, I must say that is impressive! However, I find that their course focuses less on the travel side of things, and more on the holistic picture of journalism with a hint of travel writing. After all, the course is called Freelance & Travel Writing. This course can last between 12-15 months, depending on your pace.

In any case, what I’m left wondering is whether it’s worth the effort. Sure, both courses cost a mere amount of £410 and are Diplomas for which in the end you’ll receive a certificate. But, is it worth it? Do you really need a travel writing course to be a published/successful travel writer? Are there shorter and quicker alternatives that have proven more effective or is it just about practise and experience? That is what is constantly lingering in my mind.

For this, I would love any feedback, tips, guidance or comments. I’m sure there are others out there who have done courses on travel writing or freelance writing and have a lot to share. Maybe there are some of you who have decided that they’re not worth it. I want to hear from you 🙂

Thanks Everyone

Happy Holidays!

Below are links for both courses:

Freelance & Travel Writing – London School of Journalism

The Ultimate Travel Journalism Course


2 thoughts on “Travel Writing Courses; Should I?

  1. Investing in yourself, either it’s a cookery class or, in your case – a writing course, is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. The Ultimate Travel Journalism Course definitely sounds great and I would nothing more than to sign up for one too! Maybe when my 3year old is a bit older and I get more spare time on my hands (wishful thinking)


    1. Good luck with it. I do hope you get the chance to sign up 🙂

      Thanks for your comment. Much appreciated and it’s definitely something I’m considering. Like you said, it is a solid worthwhile investment.

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