Must Try Foods When in Istanbul

On our recent trip to Istanbul we got to try many delicious foods and drinks and below are what we consider to be must try foods whilst you’re there. 

Balik Ekmek

Grilled mackerel sandwich garnished with onions and topped with some salt and lemon juice and served directly from a boat. Perfect to eat whilst seated along the bosphurus. 


A salty yoghurt drink that goes well with all meals. It’s very refreshing and cooling to the stomach. 


Simply delicious minced meatballs infused with herbs and spices served with bread and salad. 


A flatbread filled with tasty fillings such as spicy potato, feta cheese, spinach or a mix of all three. Can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Turkish Tea

An aromatic tea served with sugar cubes that is enjoyed all over turkey and is the perfect end to all meals. 

Kaymak & Bal

Clotted cream swimming in a puddle of honey. This duo is like heaven on a plate and the perfect breakfast item to be enjoyed with some fresh bread. 


A hearty lentil soup that is nutritious as well as delicious. 


You can’t come to Istanbul and not try fresh baklava from the many bakeries. Sweet pastry treats doused in syrup and filled with nuts. They’re simply irresistible. 


This had to be my favourite dessert. A vermicelli dish filled with cheese and topped with syrup and pistachios and served warm straight from the oven. Oh what a delight!

Turkish Delight

One simply will be inundated with shops and stalls selling Turkish delight when in Istanbul. It simply is confectionary of a sticky and jelly consistency however there are also varieties made of nuts and dried fruit. The trick is to just try whatever appeals to you and select a personalised array of treats to take home with you or to eat on the go. 

Sac Tava

Beef, lamb or chicken is cooked on a convex pan and is served in the pan whilst sizzling. Served with vegetables and brown sauce. It comes with lavas bread.


A creamy and delicious oven baked rice pudding served in a clay pot. 


A flat bread with delicious toppings such as minced meat, cheese and vegetables. This oven baked dish is shaped like a boat and enjoyed with sauces. 


A tasty round and thin piece of dough topped with delicious spicy minced meat, onions, peppers and spices and baked in a stone oven. 


A wholesome eggplant curry that can also be served with meat and enjoyed with fresh bread. 


A tomato and cheese based egg dish that is a great breakfast item served with fresh bread. 

There you have our list of must try foods when in Istanbul. There were plenty more foods that we tried and enjoyed but the above were our favourites. 


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