Getting Published As a Travel Writer With British Muslim Magazine

It is with great happiness and pleasure to announce that I have managed to get seven articles published with a well known lifestyle Magazine; British Muslim Magazine. Getting published for many that write about their travels, is a major step in becoming a travel writer. I can now begin to put together a portfolio of accomplishments so that it can be used for future opportunities.

So I started this blog back in November 2018 with the intention to materialise our travels. However, it was around February/March 2019 that I decided to write for other websites and magazines. In May 2019 (Ramadhan), I sent an email to British Muslim Magazine to see if they had any opportunities. I got an email back several days later asking me to pitch some ideas. So I did. I gave them around 20 ideas from which they invited me to write seven. This was huge news for me as I had been trying to get published through other sites, but couldn’t make it for some reason or the other.

Anyways, I wrote all seven articles and sent them the final copies by the end of Ramadhan (June 2nd). My wife greatly assisted me by looking through and editing anything we felt didn’t quite fit in, as well as inspiring me with refreshing ideas.

Once the magazine received the articles, I was informed that they loved all of them! This gave me so much hope and confidence and allowed me to believe in myself and my writing. What’s more, this was a paid opportunity which meant that I was paid for each and every article I wrote. Natasha, the CEO of the publishing company behind British Muslim Magazine, was extremely helpful and guided me through the entire process. She was there if I needed any questions answered and gave me great feedback.

Not so long ago, I received the magazine and was taken over by joy when I saw the final pieces. Designed perfectly, the content of the articles come together quite profoundly with the images to present a pleasant read.

Natasha was so pleased with the writing that she has asked me to continue writing for them. Therefore, there will be more articles coming out soon with the release of the next issue.

If you’re interested in getting yourself a copy (PDF or Hard Copy), click here to go to the British Muslim Magazine website.

Below are images of the articles I wrote (click the arrow to go to the next image):

Finally, I’d like to say, a great thank you to British Muslim Magazine for this opportunity.


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