Girona – The Untrodden Historic City

Strategically located between Costa Brava and Barcelona, visitors to the Catalonia region of Spain usually miss out on this splendid city. After a half an hour drive from the Costa Brava airport, visitors to this historic yet modern city will be exposed to the splendour of the city through it’s magnificent walls, old buildings and great views of the River Onyar.

River Onyar

The city is a delight for explorers, adventurers and history buffs as it is filled with historic buildings, museums and galleries which are all accessible by walking through cobbled narrow streets and magnificent walls. With something incredible to see at every corner, the city is a never-ending delight to the eye.

A fascinating fact about this city is that it has one of the most well-preserved Jewish Quarters not only in the entire Iberian Peninsula, but also possibly in the entire world. Jews lived in this once thriving place for a period of over 500 years and in that time contributed a great deal towards the success of the city. Today visitors can see parts of the original streets and buildings that remain from Jewish history. Therefore, in present times, the Jewish Quarters has become a leading attraction in the city.

Jewish Quarter/Ghetto – also called El Call

With great transport options in and out of the city, plenty options for food and much to see around the place, Girona should definitely be a part of your itinerary if your coming to the north of Spain. What’s more, as Girona stretches from inland towards the coast, there is the option to visit some of the best beaches in the region in case you’ve had enough of the city. Further 100KM (1 hours drive) from the city you will find yourself in Barcelona if you fancy a change of scenery with a bit more hustle and bustle.

City Highlights

  • Cathedral of Saint Mary – consecrated in 1038
  • 12th-century Banys Arabs (Arab Baths)
  • 17th-century Basilica of Sant Feliu.
  • Dont forget to walk along the Passeig Arqueologic
  • River Onyar
  • Jewish History Musuem
  • Jewish Quarter
Cathedral of Saint Mary

Mosques In Girona

Centro Islamico Imam Malik, Girona (

A Word on Halal Food

As the Catalonia region is very much ethnically diverse and multicultural, Muslim visitors to this region will be happy to know that there is a growing population of Muslims residing here. This means that there are a good amount of Mosques as well as Halal food places in the region. Girona does not have many Halal options, however, the vegetarian and seafood there is just as good. If you’re looking for more options when it comes to Halal food, head over to Barcelona which is a 1 hour drive from Girona. Click here to see Halal restaurants in the Catalonia region.


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