Nutritional Advice From a Doctor In Aqsa

It’s quite common to Google medical advice and nutritional advice when we’re stuck with certain symptoms or are looking for diets that will benefit us. We all do it as it’s within easy reach. But believe me when I say this, it’s so much better when you seek advice from an actual person who is an expert in the field. Find someone, speak to a friend, book an appointment or even visit your hospital and speak to the nutritionists there.

I started believing in this more after an interesting encounter with a Doctor in Palestine. Don’t ask me for his name because I do not remember at all (I don’t have the best of memories). On our trip to Palestine in July 2017, on one of the days as we were leaving the Aqsa complex, an elderly gentleman on a wheelchair approached us and started speaking to us. I was with my wife and younger brother when this happened. We used to see him quite often in the Qibli Masjid when we went for our prayers. Soon after introductions, he went onto tell us that he is a doctor and that he treats people in the area. He was an expert in nutrition and was trained in offering beneficial advice for those wanting to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Before I tell you the advice he offered us, I will tell you one thing. At times in life, you’ll meet a stranger, have a short conversation and it will be at that moment they tell you something which is a short piece of advice but packed with meaning. The advice he gave us made so much sense and until this day I try to act upon it. Sometimes I forget, but when I do remember, the food always has profound effects on me. This advice is not a golden rule or something that has to be followed, but something that just resonated with me and I have been trying to act upon it ever since.

Okay, so here goes.

The doctor mentioned:

‘Whenever you eat, eat something that looks nice, smells nice and tastes nice’.


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