9 Must Try Foods In India

India is a vibrant country known for its spicy curries, sizzling street food, rich culture and heritage. On our recent trip to India we visited; Gujerat, Delhi, Agra & Mumbai. We managed to try various foods and the following dishes were the highlights of our journey that we most definitely recommend. Also, the food in India is incredibly cheap!

Pani Puri

A popular street food found all over India. Small crispy puris are filled with a range of spicy/sweet/sour sauces, chickpeas and potatoes. As you attempt to devour it in one bite, another puri is filled and served to you and this continues until you say stop.

Cost: Approx 60 INR for 6

Vada Pav

Another popular street food consisting of a deep fried spicy potato dumpling placed inside a soft bun and served with a sweet and spicy chutney.

Cost: 40 INR

Mango Lassi

One of our favourites has to be indulging in a cold, sweet and fresh glass of lassi which is a yogurt drink which comes in a range of flavours such as plain, chocolate and our favourite; mango.

Cost: 40 INR

Tandoori Chicken

A delicious roasted spicy chicken dish which can be enjoyed alone or with naan/roti alongside with a range of chutneys and salad.

Cost: 160 INR

Mutton Pulao

An amazing rice based dish full of flavourful and aromatic spices combined with succulent pieces of mutton. This can also be prepared using chicken and lamb.

Cost: 180 INR

Prawn Masala Curry

A spicy curry consisting of juicy prawns in a rich masala sauce best enjoyed with some fresh naan, roti or rice.

Cost: 100 INR

Shaved Ice

This popular street food dessert is made of finely shaved ice, doused with a colourful array of syrups which is enjoyable in the hot Indian sun.

Cost: 50 INR

Sitaphal/Custard Apple Milkshake

This was a new and exciting treat for us and probably the best milkshake we’ve ever had. We enjoyed this thick and creamy milkshake containing fresh sitaphal fruit at the Nav Rang ice cream parlour in Ankleshwar, Gujerat. A must try!

Cost: 100 INR

Masala Chai/Tea

A flavoursome combination of milk, black tea and spices creating a creamy and rich beverage that is enjoyed all over India.  If you ever visit India you must try a fresh cup of masala chai from a local street vendor!

Cost: 25 INR

There you have it, 9 must try foods whilst in India. There were many other amazing foods that we enjoyed on our trip, but these were our favourites. Most of the above foods can be found throughout India. If you have any favourites from your own trip, please share with us in the comment section below.

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