10 Foods To Try When In Ohrid, Macedonia

Disclaimer: not all the foods below are particularly Macedonian, but they were foods that we tried whilst in Ohrid, Macedonia and really enjoyed. Therefore we thought we’d share this with you guys.



An oven baked mince beef and potato gratin dish. This is almost like a Balkan style lasagne but instead of pasta sheets you have potato layers. The Mousakka at restaurant Adana 2 was scrumptious and we highly recommend it.

Cost: 180 MKD


Shredded chicken or lamb donner in a wrap with salad and sauces. We ate this at the Adana 2 restaurant as well.

Cost: 150 MKD

Veal Soup

This dish consists of shredded meat in a spicy soup which is warming and nutritious. We highly recommend restaurant Adana 2 again for their veal soup which was absolutely delicious. The veal was extremely tender and was packed with flavour.

Cost: 100 MKD

Ice Cream

There are many ice cream parlours around Ohrid serving up ice cream/gelato. Pop over to St Clement of Ohrid street which is where the Old Bazaar is. The strip here has some great stalls serving ice cream. The best part is that most of them cost between 20 MKD – 35 MKD for a single scoop. The best ice cream we had was from an ice cream stall that belonged to Cafe Dva Bisera which is on St Clement of Ohrid.

Cost: 20 – 35 MKD. The ice cream below costed 35 MKD.

Tavche Gravche

Tavche Gravche basically means beans cooked in a skillet. This is a hearty and tasty oven baked beans meal which is also a traditional Macedonian dish. Most restaurants serve this traditional dish.

Cost: 80 MKD


This is a crispy savoury pastry dish filled with either feta cheese and/or spinach and many other fillings. This can be found in most bakeries.

Cost: 35 MKD


Sweet pancakes that can be topped with many things such as chocolate sauce and honey etc. This is served at many Restaurant/cafes. We ate this at Alpi restaurant for breakfast and it was prepared by a very kind and friendly elderly woman. Pop over and taste some of her famous palacinki and also omelettes! Cenan, his wife and their son Abdullah will go out of their way to look after you.

Cost: 160 MKD

Sweet Bakery Items

There are many bakeries scattered around Ohrid with many sweet bakery items such as croissants, muffins and doughnuts etc. They’re all so delicious. Make sure you stop by and get something at least once whilst you’re there. We usually went to the ones on Boulevard Macedonian Educators.

Cost: Bakery items range between 15 MKD – 50 MKD depending on what you want. The croissant below costed 20 MKD.

Chocolate Filled Croissant From Bakery Boulevard

Falafel and hummus

This may not be a traditional Macedonian dish but we had to give a shout out to Dr. Falafel which is based near the Cinan tree for having one of the the best falafel and hummus meals. It comes served with salad, bread and a drink. A great place for vegetarians/vegans.

Cost: The entire plate below consisting of 6 falafel balls, hummus, tahini sauce, chick peas, olives, cabbage, beetroot, red onions, lettuce, cucumbers and carrots along with pogacha bread and a can of drink costed only 200 MKD.

Shopska Salad

Though this salad is famous throughout Macedonia, originally it is a traditional Bulgarian salad which has today become famous throughout the Balkan region. It consists of tomatoes and cucumbers topped with feta cheese and olives with a dressing of olive oil.

Cost: 120 MKD

There you have it, 10 of the best foods we tried in Ohrid. We plan to visit again to try more foods so if you have more ideas of scrumptious meals in Ohrid, share with us on the comment section below.



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