Islamic Wonders Of India – 500 Year Old Mosque In Lodhi Gardens

India! A land of wonders! A land with an abundance of colours, tastes, flavours, nature, sights and animals. It is a country full of life as well as a place where man meets animals. In this country, you will find dogs, cows, monkeys, squirrels, cats, buffalos, goats, donkeys and chickens walking side by side with people. It is truly a beautiful place with much greenery and plenty of plantation.

Zooming into India, we go to the capital of the country, Delhi! Further up north, it is warm in the summer months and cools down significantly in the winter months. People usually come here, then head down south to Agra to go and visit the famous Taj Mahal!

If you are in Delhi/New Delhi, I would highly recommend visiting Lodhi Gardens. This is a park located within the city in a convenient location visited by locals and tourists. Its a place where you’ll see history, nature and a mix of people from school children on a school trip to families having a picnic and artists drawing their impressions of the place. Because of all the trees surrounding you and all the greenery around you, you really do get a breath of fresh air and it is a massive change from the hustle and bustle of the streets of Delhi.

Water Fountain at Lodhi Gardens Entrance

Whats more interesting, is that within this park, stands some amazing historical structures from the times of the Sayyid Dynasty of Delhi. They are an Islamic Dynasty that ruled Delhi from 1414-1451.

Within this park you will find the tomb of historical Muslim figures such as Muhammad Shah, the third ruler of the Sayyid Dynasty.

Aside from this, as kids play, families have picnics and friends spend time together, they do this with some profoundly built structures around them including tombs and a Masjid. It definitely is worth a visit if you are interested in Islamic History. The buildings they built are still standing and are preserved very well. They are actually looked after by the Archaeological Survey of India ASI. It has been around 600 years and these buildings are still standing! It’s quite a sight to see such remnants of Islam amidst such an amazing park.

Bara Gumbad Mosque, built in 1494 [900AH]
Inscription within the Bara Gumbad Mosque. Verses from the Qur’an [Surah Hashr, Verse 21]

How To Get There

You can get here by getting a metro to Khan Market. From there, it is a 30 minute walk to Lodhi Gardens. If you’re not up for walking, grab an auto rickshaw which should cost you around 30-40 INR [35-45pence].



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