1 World T Shirt

This T Shirt says it all!

We may all come from different countries, belong to different races, believe in different religions and have different traditions, but we all live in our 1 big world!

Great T Shirt to spread the good and positive vibes whether travelling or not!

Grab your 1 World T Shirt now.

As we’re just introducing these T Shirts, we’re selling them at a discounted price of £9.99.

How Do I Buy – Paying via Paypal & what happens after I pay?

As my site is a startup blog, I don’t currently have a store setup. For that reason I have set up a payment scheme through Paypal.me. It’s safe, easy and does not entail any extra charges.

Simply click on the button BUY NOW below. You will then be taken to my Paypal page where you can send me the payment. Follow these steps below:

  • Click on Buy Now below
  • Put in £9.99 when asked for the amount
  • If asked to login, simply login to your PayPal account.
  • In the notes section add the following: ‘1 World T Shirt‘, your address as well as size
  • Finalise the process and click send.

Once I receive the notification, I will send you your T Shirt out as soon as possible via 2nd class delivery. If you’re international, contact me by clicking here

Refunds & Returns

If you’re not happy with the T Shirt, don’t worry. You can return it via the post within 10 days and I will be more than happy to issue you a full refund. 

What I Do With The Money I Make From The T-Shirts?

It all goes into this project of mine and 50% of it will be going into charity which will be delivered to the Rohingyan Refugees in Burma through Penny Appeal. Check out our About Us page to see what we’re aiming to do. Your money will help aid this project to go from a seed planted in mud, to transform into a success and a means for me to share more with you through my site.

I hope you can help me move forward with this project.

Juber Ahmed

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